Note that this section of the website is not particularly active; I hope to publish about one personal finance article per month.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bond Economics Personal Finance Hub Launched

I have split off the personal finance section of to the Personal Finance Hub - This was so that readers can narrow down the topics of my writings. The Personal Finance Hub has a separate feed, so you have more control over what you subscribe to. Of course, I would like it if you subscribe to both feeds.

My existing Personal Finance articles are linked to by this page on my main web site. (Note that they will not show up in the archives for the Personal Finance Hub.)

What The Personal Finance Hub Is About

I cannot offer investment advice over the internet. But I can make use of my experience to offer advice on how readers should think about their personal finances. And to be honest, the best advice is to follow fairly basic rules - rules that I have learned about from other sources. As a result, my focus in the Personal Finance Hub is to act as a filter on the huge amount of advice out there, and point out what I see as being the most useful.

The style of writing is meant to be much less technical than the rest of my writings. This is a skill that I will have to develop over time.

As a result, the bulk of this section of the website is expected to take the form of reviews, although I will be working my own point of view into those reviews. I am mainly interested in written materials - books and advice on websites and blogs.

Material Wanted

Given that this blog is mainly aimed at being a filter, please give me a heads up if you have written something about personal finance (either a book, a blog or a web site), or if you have found something that you want me to discuss.

This personal finance section has just been launched, and obviously has little traffic. But since it is part of the domain, it will pick up whatever search authority my main domain has (which I am slowly working on building up).

Long-Term Plan

I am currently writing a book on fiscal policy, and so I will have limited time to devote to this part of the web site. But my plan is to eventually write at least one book on personal finance, and this section will contain the seeds of the content that should make it into that book.

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